IEEE 802.11 - Managed Wireless Planning

Advances in wireless technology enables the concept of true network mobility to become a reality. Individuals are no longer tied to the nearest data outlet as they enjoy the freedom and benefits of roaming a campus, with complete data security at all times.

The key to new deployments of managed wireless is found at the planning stage. Taking careful consideration of building
structures and required levels of network performance allows a WLAN system to be accurately planned and optimised to
specific individual conditions.

Covering the full range of IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/AC technology, EDS31 helps to reduce design time and improve the quality
of the planning phase for WLANs through virtualisation of critical survey data. Advanced installation services complete
the solution, ensuring accuracy and peak performance.

EDS31 also offer full on-site surveys to help ensure that your wireless solution continues to operate at optimum levels of performance.

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