Founded in 1989, we are a UK company that draws on decades of experience with Computer Aided Design tools
and processes to provide a range of custom design services.

Working with major companies within the Aerospace, Automotive and Telecommunications sectors, as well as
smaller companies with urgent deadlines, we have provided outsourced CAD expertise for both large projects
and single design solutions. Originally specialising in microelectronics, we have worked with a range of
International companies who required electronic designs ranging from thick and thin film hybrids to complex
multilayer Printed Circuit Boards.

The growing use of Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN) has seen us develop a range of CAD services that
provide customers with fast, cost effective methods of determining an optimum WLAN deployment, without
the need for expensive site surveys. Our CAD Virtual Survey services model complete buildings in order to
accurately predict and simulate a working WLAN and we have completed designs for hundreds of customers.
EDS31 Limited

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