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EDS31 - Example Virtual Surveys

Over the past few years, EDS31 has completed hundreds of virtual surveys covering a wide range of
building materials and wireless conditions. A great deal of emphasis has been placed on creating
designs that are tailored to the Education sector, where the wireless requirements are typically
more demanding than those seen in the commercial world.

The flexibility of a virtual survey means that we are able to create designs for an extremely
broad spectrum of establishments; Nurseries, Libraries, Schools, Academies, Colleges and
Universities have all benefited from having a managed wireless solution designed to meet
their specific needs within their unique buildings.

Local Authorities (LAs) have also realised the advantages of virtual surveys as we have
been able to work with the LA to deliver consistent designs that are centrally monitored
and controlled, yet still maintain fully customised individual deployments at each school.

As we work from architectural plans we can fully design the wireless environment before
the building is constructed, allowing the Access Points to be completely integrated into
the building fabric.
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