The complete service delivers a Virtual Survey report that details the hardware, software and services required to deploy the full solution. In addition, the report contains RSSI heat maps for each floor and wireless band that is to be used (802.11a/b/g/n/AC). We also supply installation details for each Access Point to ensure that the installation delivered accurately and efficiently. Post installation, we integrate the Access Point serial numbers into a database that may be used by the end-customer to monitor and control their new Wireless LAN (requires additional vendor management software outlined in 'Software').
Why do I need a virtual survey?

I've seen that some programs can automatically clean my floor plan drawings; how is a virtual survey any different to this?

What files do I need to start off a virtual survey?

I don't have any plans of my building, is there any way to get a virtual survey started?

What do I get with a virtual survey?

How much does it cost?