- Individual drawings for each floor
- RSSI heatmaps for each 802.11 band selected

- Hardware/software part numbers
- Extended warranty options
The technology selected

Detailed Options for enhanced management of the Wireless LAN

Power over Ethernet

Managed Wireless Planning - Virtual Survey

This process uses customer specific drawings to generate multiple layers of RF
data required to accurately model entire buildings. Redundant architectural data
is removed, doors are drawn in closed positions (to reflect normal daily use) and
RF attenuation properties assigned to the various materials used in the building
construction. Wireless coverage areas are added (including any hotspots) as this
allows for greater flexibility in the subsequent RF planning of specific areas.

The end result is a detailed plan of the optimum position to locate the required
Access Points. Heatmaps detailing the predicted RF coverage across the various
IEEE 802.11 bands are generated and included within a report that describes:

Diagram detailing the Access Point locations

Bill of materials for the entire solution

We also work with a number of installation partners across the UK and we can provide quotes for partial or complete installation of the managed wireless solution, including any new cabling and data points that may be needed.

Visit our Contact page to request more details on how we can customise our solution to meet your individual requirements.

- Hardware and software

- Central management console
- Guest users

- Design requirements
- Recommended hardware